Is it ok to ask questions specific to a certain platform


What are good color themes for jQuery UI?

what type of waiting animation should I use in silverlight?

The general idea of the questions is on topic but this is not an implementation site, or is it?

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I think it's okay to mention the implementation as a constraint. If the question doesn't hold up when you cross out the implementation, it probably doesn't belong on UI.


My job title is "interaction engineer" and I very strongly support that job title as my preferred way to engage in user interface design. "Interaction engineering" - as we've defined it at my employer - centers on being able to build what you can design, because knowing both worlds enables you to make better judgment calls regarding implementation details.

As such, I think we should allow these questions. If a designer is asking about how to implement something, but it's definitely a UI question, then absolutely we should offer them a place to do that.

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