I just noticed that this question (asked an hour ago on December 5) appears to have a comment on it from October 24th. There's also a response from "October 24th." It looks like the system may be mis-parsing 12/4 as 10/24? Or, more likely, the server's system clock is off. Is this the right place to report a bug like this?

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Not a bug actually; if you check the revisions I actually merged that question. Apparently there isn't a visual indicator of this outside the revision history, which is almost bug-worthy itself really. That moves over all the answers (the October one) and apparently comments, which I didn't expect. Though personally I find the comment applies to the new question as well...

The merged question was an older, closed post that's essentially the same post, just not asked as well. I wasn't about to close the new post as a duplicate of a closed question, and since both had answers, merging seemed like the best solution.

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