I edited this question and I guess I tried to edit at the same time as someone else so my edits and theirs got combined in a strange way.

I removed the first line and the thanks, the person who edited before/at the same time removed the line "Am I just being strange?". Since I did not remove that line, in the "Review Suggested Edit" page, it was interpreted as me adding "Am I just being strange?" which I did not do.

Potential changes should probably be saved as the diff instead of as a whole so that issues like this can be avoided.

This is also another use case for allowing communication between reviewers and the people who've made the suggested edits so that I can easily say "not calling OP strange!"

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Someone with enough reputation to make post edits has made an edit to the question, just before you had posted a suggested edit. That edit went in.

A couple of hours later, your edit got approved. It overwrote the prior edit.

It is an edge case.

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    It may be an edge case, but it happens often enough for something to be done about it. Different users should not have their edits amalgamated. Commented Feb 18, 2014 at 14:13

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