We'd obviously want to vet this with the GD admins, but I was wondering if it made sense to migrate 'what icon should I use for...' questions over to Graphic Design?

We seem to get a lot of them as of late here on UX, but as it's off topic here, we close them.

However, I noticed that we do seem to allow questions like that over on Graphic Design. Perhaps we should be migrating instead?

  • As I said on the chat; "Strange there isn't a community anywhere, as far as I know, for discussing icons instead of just showing off their own or create a searchable database like dribbble/behance/iondeposit etc." - So why not create a new SE for icons? – Velkommen Jan 10 '14 at 22:08

I recently popped into the Graphic Design chatroom to discuss how they'd feel about this idea. They were mostly ok with it, although have some reservations (too subjective, not really helpful to anyone other than the question asker...). However we're going to give it a go and start migrating these questions when they come up (providing they're reasonably good questions and not 'what logo should I have for my website' sort of things.

I posted on their meta site about it, so they may have more comments in future, so pop over there and see what you think.


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    +1 that looks exactly what I tried to implement here. If this suggestion is accepted, there's no need for an Icons.SE. I'll follow the development on this suggestion. You are a clever! – Benny Skogberg Jan 11 '14 at 7:05
  • Remember that the no. 1 rule to open the migration paths is Do not migrate crap (crap could mean any: subjective, unclear, too broad, off-topic in the target site, or duplicated) – Braiam Jan 16 '14 at 16:02

Icons have been discussed on UX since it's birth, and many have fought for bringing them down. My personal notes, previous questions and suggestions have been "put at rest". I know from education that visual representation is an aspect of User Experience. But I've also learned that icon request is not a part of UX.SE. Probably because UX.SE would be flooded with icon requests. Tonight we got three questions on the topic, at a site which averages on 12 new questions per 24 hours.

It's clear that this aspect of User Experience need a place to live, and I don't think that it's at Graphic Design. I think icons are a site if it's own, which I would commit to if it would be listed at Area 51. Who'll start the request for the Stack Exchange site Icons at Area 51?


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