Regarding this question: https://ux.stackexchange.com/questions/55326/what-is-the-color-that-reflect-new-york-city-most

This was closed as "primarily opinion-based" however it has a clear, easily stated answer and almost indisputable answer which I've placed in a comment.

The colors would most likely be those of the of New York are Orange, White and Blue as seen on the New York Flag. In addition these are used as the colors of the Islanders - NHL, Knicks - NBL, Mets - Baseball and NYC FC - Soccer.

It may, possibly, be off-topic for other reasons, but "opinion-based" it is not. Does this qualify for reopening?

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You say that your proposed answer is indisputable, but it sounds like it's just your opinion. There is no way to answer "what reflects X most" because "most" is entirely subjective. Unless there is a law or regulation somewhere that states "the colors that reflect the city of New York are x, y and z" then there is no answer to this question. Hence it was closed as unanswerable without involving opinions.

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