Maybe I like to ask questions more than provide answers as a UX designer (sorry, I do have a background in science so it is in my nature), but I saw that of the five bounties posted today I started 3 of them, which makes me wonder why people with more points are not using bounties more to push the boundaries of discussion.

I am not sure exactly why people with lower reputation don't use it as much, but it is not as if people with more reputation use it much either. So I am wondering why there aren't there more bounties and responses to bounty questions, and if this feature is actually providing users with what they are looking for?

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I've looked over all the bounties that have been awarded this year, to see who awards them, what rep they currently have (to see how new the user is) and how often they've offered bounties.

So, there have been 15 bounties awarded this year.

There are a 3 users who have offered multiple bounties (including yourself).

The majority of bounties were offered by the OP (i.e. the person asking the question) and in all but 2 cases the bounty has been awarded to an answer.

Bounties have been awarded by users with reputation of 101 (before bounty) up until around 3,000 rep (7,000 if you include yourself).

With the volume of questions we get I don't think this is a bad set of stats really. Looks like bounties crop up on average once per week, and are being awarded by a variety of users, new and old.

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