I'd like to get feedback on the UX of various products ("how would you improve this site's UX?"). Are such open-ended questions anathema in this community?

What sites do we refer users to who post critique requests?

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Our second close reason says the following:

Questions about Site Reviews are off-topic because questions here are expected to be relevant for a variety of people in the same situation. Reviewing a site, flow or interface only helps one person at a specific time. Instead try to ask a focused question about a particular aspect of the design that solicits solutions, not opinions.

From the Help Center, we have the page What types of questions should I avoid asking? which also tells us to avoid open-ended questions.

So no, you can't ask Site Review questions nor open-ended question.

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    Do you know of sites where users can post critique requests?
    – bevanb
    Nov 17, 2016 at 23:32

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