As far an UI and UX are concerned, most posts in ux.stackexchange will require users to draw an image or diagram to support their answer. I do not know how practical this suggestion will be, also I can guess how this suggestion will come with plenty of loose ends, but is it possible for us to have third-party tool or a plug-in to draw diagrams, charts and have features for free-hand drawing? It will save a lot of time for all the members attempting to answer questions.


  • Visually represent answers to the questions, without the usage of external applications to create an image and upload it.
  • Easy to edit and modify diagrams.
  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Improves the quality of the answer.
  • Minimal and basic forms of visualization, restricting users with limited colors and features.
  • Increase clarity of posts.

As far as disadvantages, or should I say possible roadblocks, it will be pretty difficulty to include plug-ins, and this should be put in Beta for quite sometime.

Although it may seem very hard, I think this would be a very useful tool, much like the provisions of block-codes and pre-compiled code features in SE.

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This already exists. Balsamiq mockups are built into the post editor.

How do I add mockups and/or visuals to my questions?

enter image description here

That pencil icon drawing a wireframe - that's the launch for Balsamiq.

  • ohh..my bad. I wasn't aware of this feature. Thank You.
    – Varun Nair
    Oct 3, 2017 at 10:26

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