I happened to stumble across the tour page today and read the example question and answers:

Low quality question and answers

The tour page displays this real question and a couple answers it received ~7 years ago. Is it just me or is this a poor example of both questions and answers on this site, based on our current standards?

Our help page states the following:

What makes a good question?

We prefer questions that elicit definitive answers or solutions rather than prolonged discussions. Remember, this a Q&A site, not a discussion board.

More context yields better answers. Fill your question with details such as:

  • Description of the users' experience levels and goals
  • Mockups, screenshots, or photos of existing designs
  • Software platform, if applicable (Is it an Android app? A web form? A kiosk with a 20"×20" touch screen?)

Our own example question satisfies none of these outlined criteria. The showcased answers are brief, unsupported opinions. I understand that the purpose of the tour page is to introduce the structure, function, and purpose of the site, so a brief example is preferred, but it seems a bit hypocritical. Perhaps this question and these answers were acceptable back then, but is it time we consider selecting a new question with answers that reflect our current standards or is the brevity valuable enough to keep this as our most visible example?

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  • Good point. We have a moderator election coming up next week so updating this could be a good task for whomever comes onto the team. Any suggestions for a question it should be replaced with? – JonW Jun 15 '18 at 15:08
  • @JonW Pretty much any question I've answered would be great :) JK. I'll look for some options in a couple hours. – maxathousand Jun 15 '18 at 15:11

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