I'm moving and have edited this question to Meta after posting it on ux.se:

We have an issue on ux stackexchange, that is the Chat Room is practically dead

My initial attempt of posting this on ux.se was to attract users to the chat on the hopes that we bring any sort of life to it, - i honestly hope i'm wrong when i say i am skeptical that this question will be having exposure here, nevertheless how can we bring chat to life?

Are we maybe able to increase the exposure on the chat room? Incentivize chat users somehow? provide a chat widget on the side of the main page? or any ideas you can think of?

This is how the chat room looks like as of today:


As you see the last message was posted almost a month ago. This is crucial, since the Chat Room is a great place for:

  1. Discussions
  2. Community Engagement
  3. A chance for questions that don't have a place on the main page

When new users arrive to ux.se often they post questions that are completely out of the community standards or the guidelines and one comment that we often respond with, "maybe this question is more suitable for chat".

As a new user: why would i in my right mind post my question on the chat when i see that the last message was 26 days ago which btw was indeed a question that never got answered?

I'm certain that our modest community size plays a role in how active the chat is, but i'm certain if we try to join and bring life to the chat room we might reflect some positive enhancements on the platform including the quality of questions asked.

  • +1 Thanks for your contribution to UXSE Meta. We would like to encourage members of the community to help improve UXSE, and the chat room is something that could do with some rethink :) – Michael Lai Oct 19 at 1:55

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