First Ask Me Anything will be on Wednesday, October 2nd from 4pm-6pm GMT+02 [9am EST]

It will be with UXPin

UXPin is a design tool you can use throughout the whole product creation process, including prototyping, collaboration, and handoff.

You can use UXPin to create wireframes, UI designs, and interactive prototypes that feel like the real product. And all that without writing any code whatsoever. Your stakeholders can understand your ideas better and collaborate on iterations in one tool, which makes it easier to develop a real product.

Since UXPin is cloud-based, you can work with it from browsers, but also at desktop apps on Windows, and macOS. This design tool is used by top companies of all sizes like Microsoft and PayPal, but also software houses and freelance designers.

If you're interested, you can find links to the SE chatrooms for the event, and more details here on the GD.SE meta

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