Yesterday there was a question heavily discussed on the context of naming a Q'n'A site according to the title of the job, or the activity of the work. It was rightfully closed as "too localized" since it mentioned only one domain.

Still I think the question, or an unlocalized version of it, is well suited on UX.SE. It concernes Labeling in the context of Information Architecture - and I would love to have the ability to answer that question.

Now, do I edit the question at hand, unlocalizing it and hoping it to reopen, or ask a new one?


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Let's leave the current closed question alone since it was so controversial. If you want to re-ask a similar question (one that passes the various tests we have in place for good questions), you can of course go ahead!

  • A new one it is then. Thanx Rahul! Commented Apr 7, 2012 at 13:37

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