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Questions related to the usability of User Experience Stack Exchange by people with disabilities.

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Delete [accesibility] tag

The tag [accesibility] is a misspelled version of the [accessibility] tag. I would suggest this to be deleted.
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Mobile App UX Logo Side Menu Bad Contrast

The shade of blue used for the menu does not provide a clear contrast with the UXSE logo (need to check WCAG colour contrast requirements). It is probably advisable to review the style guide for ...
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Should badge classes be described by shape as well as colour?

I've just been visiting where they use a range of shapes to signify badge class as well as colour. This makes the differences much easier to see and is generally more ...
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Accessibility not met?

Here is what the site looks like using the "Text Only" tool in Chrome: Missing alternate text and navigation contrast. Can this be fixed?
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Should links be underlined?

I know Google has shifted away from underlined links except on hover which is fine however when links are buried within a paragraph of text, it may be difficult to discern especially with Colour Blind ...
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Make font of user-typed text in the search boxes on the main and meta sites black

Currently, the text is very light gray which makes it hard to read. Think it should be black.
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