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What more must I do to be awarded my next Badge?

This is a question that is asked quite frequently, and before the new user profile page was released – you were forced to build your own database query on a specific site. Luckily that’s not needed ...
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Favorite icon VS Badge icon

I find the icons for badges too similar to the icon for favorite questions. I remember that this confused me when learning to find my way around the page and what the badge are. Here is the favorite ...
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Talkative and Outspoken Badges

On our main site, UX.SE, to get the Talkative and Outspoken badges, Badges just points to Does that mean you can earn the badges by posting to any chat room on the ...
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Review Queue badge when there's something new to review

In the main nav, the Inbox icon tells us with a red badge when a user has responded. The Trophy icon turns green when we have a new badge (or shows a green badge when we've received points.) Was the ...
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