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Process for dealing with bounties that don't have an answer associated with it

One of the reasons for starting bounties is to get the community to provide answers (to questions that don't have enough attention or can be answered if given some incentive), but at times even after ...
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Why was this user awarded my bounty, when all 3 answers had the same number of upvotes?

I posted a bounty question: Should mobile apps flip upside down? There was a three way tie in upvotes: +2, +2, +2. It selected one user to award the bounty. Why was it awarded to that user, when ...
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Why doesn't my bounty show up by default?

I have posted a bounty on a question. It does not show up: But if I click on the "complete list" link, it adds it to the list. It is not like we are overrun with bounty questions, so why ...
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How to encourage people to put up more bounties for questions

This is related to an existing question How to encourage questions but my focus here is specifically on getting people to post bounties. I understand that there are some issues with the bounty system ...
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1 answer

Expiring bounties assigned automatically - what now?

I've recently put a bounty on someone else's question, and unfortunately I was away during the period of time I was given to allocate the bounty. I had an answer in mind, I just failed to "do it" ...
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2 answers

What to do when there is no answers on Bounty question

I am not sure if this is the first time it has happened to me, but I didn't get any answers on my bounty question but I have still been asked to award the bounty to someone. Is this a defect or some ...
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1 answer

Is the bounty feature/process giving community users what they need?

Maybe I like to ask questions more than provide answers as a UX designer (sorry, I do have a background in science so it is in my nature), but I saw that of the five bounties posted today I started 3 ...
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3 answers

How to encourage questions

Firstly, I am suggesting this only for, so please don't migrate it to the Stack Overflow meta. Right now has become almost exclusively about computer related UX and mostly leaves out the ...
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Where can I find a history/log of the featured questions?

If I've understood this correctly, then all the "bounty" questions are listed in the "featured" section. Right? But once the bounty is awarded, then they disappear from that list. Since many of ...
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Bounty (half bounty) awarding is not working?

colmcq was kind enough to offer a bounty on this question: methods for evaluating a complex information architecture In a comment, he said that he intended to award the full bounty to my answer. I ...