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Design for UX.SE

I'm Jin, the designer for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. Each site will have its own unique theme that will reflect its topic. However, all sites will share quite a bit ...
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New Design Launched

Hi all, As you can see, the new design is now live. Thank you for your feedback. We have also updated the new look to's twitter account and its chatroom. I hope the new design will help to ...
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UX StackExchange logo is hard to see in the SE profile pages (accounts tab)

The logo is really low contrast compared to elsewhere on UX, where the monochrome logo is used or the darker blue of the favicon. See here for a live example.
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UI Wireframe editor requires Flash, which is dead [duplicate]

There is already a discussion question about this: What are the plans to support wireframes after flash player is no longer available? but since Flash is end-of-life and no major browser supports ...
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"Similar questions" scrolls down and covers other links

"Similar questions" should not move with the scrolling. I guess it is also true for other stackechange sites. I have asked a question. FF 11.0, win 7.
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"People reached" tooltip covered by navigation header

I was browsing my profile page on the main site, and noticed that the header is overlaying the popup of the "people reached" counter. This does not happen in other websites (but also happens on the ...
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UX Stack Exchange logo is extremely hard to see in the mobile version header

This is a similar issue to the one affecting the SE profile pages, but affects the mobile version of the website. This fails the WCAG contrast checking algorithm, which recommends that the contrast ...
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Why do links use very similar colours for :visited, :hover and regular links?

When scanning the main page, I find it a little difficult to differentiate between visited links and regular links. I can see the difference but it always catches me off guard as visited links seem to ...
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UX StackExchange Bottom Notice poor link color contrast

It bugs me that the "bottom-notice" links on the UX pages have such poor contrast. The color contrast of #E8BF6C against a #FFFFFF background is 1.74:1. WCAG 2.0's luminosity contrast algorithm ...
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Has the change to the non-beta theme improved traffic to the site?

One of the reasons stated for giving the site it's public theme early was to help increase the traffic to the site. See the question where Jin introduced the design. Has there been an improvement ...
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Similar questions in sidebar overlay rest of page when scrolling [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “Similar questions” scrolls down and covers other links I ran into this today when asking a question on UX.SE. What I was seeing was that the similar questions that appear in ...
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.main-question-link:hover { text-decoration: underline; }

Please add an underline to the main question link/title on hover. I use it to refresh a question and it's not as clearly clickable without it.
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Arrow is too low

There used to be an arrow showing what section you are in. The earliest design post) shows it pretty clearly in this image under "Questions": Another more recent example of the correct behavior can ...
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