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Why is it not possible to upload images via link anymore?

Am I missing something or is was it a conscious decision to remove that feature in this interface?
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Resizing attached images [duplicate]

I can understand the trouble with this as SE refers to images as external links and shows a preview here. But how about having some standard sizes (S,M,L) especially for portrait mode screenshots? ...
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Formatting Images in Answers [duplicate]

I just posted an answer that included a small screenshot. The answer now shows the screenshot filling the width of the answer column, so it looks HUGE! It doesn't look like the answer-input widget ...
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Can't upload image

Everytime I try to upload an image within a post on UX StackExchange and on this site (UX Meta) as well, I get an error message «Failed to upload image; couldn't reach imgur» Any ideas why? Thanks ...
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Is it OK to post animated .gif's in answers?

I haven't seen any answers supported with animated .gif's to convey an interaction. I'm hesitant to post one if it has already been deemed as polluting the answers field. The only .gif reference I ...
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How can I Streamline Images and Screenshots I Embed into my Post?

Uploading 1MB images or even 300KB images in a question or answer is often unnecessary/overkill and slows down page loads significantly especially when viewing on a mobile connection. Similarly, ...
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Images are disabled

I can't see the pictures. I think they are disabled. What could be the reason?
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Optionally present images as thumbnails

This question relates to this Meta Stack Overflow question. Could we provide a method (possibly optional) that shows embedded images first as a thumbnail or medium-sized image preview and then show ...
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Easier way to provide image credit/attribution

This is similar to this Meta Stack Overflow question, but I think it probably becomes more of an issue on UX.SE where questions naturally tend to benefit from a visual/graphical response. While I ...
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