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This tag is for questions, bug reports, and other requests about the integration of the Balsamiq mockup editor into the editor.

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4 answers

Can StackExchange license Balsamiq for mockups on UX.Stackexchange?

Who thinks it's a good idea for StackExchange to integrate with Balsamiq for UX.StackExchange? I do, and I'd be really happy if we had the ability to make mockups on UX for UX. This is something for ...
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0 answers

UI Wireframe editor requires Flash, which is dead [duplicate]

There is already a discussion question about this: What are the plans to support wireframes after flash player is no longer available? but since Flash is end-of-life and no major browser supports ...
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20 votes
1 answer

How do I add mockups and/or visuals to my questions?

When discussing UX, I find that it is helpful to have visual aid to help clarify the discussion. However I find that many of the discussions contain only bare text with hardly a visual in sight. So ...
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5 votes
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It appears that the ability to include a UI wireframe on this site is broken

I started to ask a question on and I clicked to add a UI Wireframe and it doesn't seem to allow me to save. After setting up my wireframe which worked fine, I clicked "Save and ...
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