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This tag is for questions, bug reports, and other requests about the integration of the Balsamiq mockup editor into the editor.

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Where can I find the Balsamiq Editor Control?

Was the integration with Balsamiq retired at some point? I still find articles saying that you can easily add mockups on using a built-in icon, but I don't see the controls anywhere in the ...
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UI Wireframe editor requires Flash, which is dead [duplicate]

There is already a discussion question about this: What are the plans to support wireframes after flash player is no longer available? but since Flash is end-of-life and no major browser supports ...
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Balsamiq Mockups Wireframes icon is missing

I tried to edit the mockup on an existing ux.stackexchange post, but when trying, only got a big empty white popup. For testing, I then started to create a new post, but the icon to lunch the mockup ...
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UX failures on UX

I just consider that the UX site has UX failures: The UI wireframe icon is similar to the image icon. Sometimes I want to post an image and I click the wireframe icon The wireframe dialog has an icon ...
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Either missing "edit mockup" link or confusing text

I wanted to edit my question, to do a minor update to a mockup that I included. There's a hint in the question's markdown that I should use the "edit" link below the mockup image to preserve ...
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It appears that the ability to include a UI wireframe on this site is broken

I started to ask a question on and I clicked to add a UI Wireframe and it doesn't seem to allow me to save. After setting up my wireframe which worked fine, I clicked "Save and ...
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Possible to modify OP's Balsamiq Mockup directly within a response?

If a question has a Balsamiq Mockup within it, rather than having to download the bmml source then edit then re-upload, wouldn't it be better to be able to modify the original poster's Balsamiq Mockup ...
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Open Balsamiq in new tab

When using the Balsamiq tool for sketching an answer, we often need to look at the question to see more details and to get the mockup right. Since Balsamiq opens in the same tab as the question, it ...
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Create a grid with combo box in cells

In the UI wireframe designer, is it possible to create a data grid with combo boxes inside the cells?
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How do I add mockups and/or visuals to my questions?

When discussing UX, I find that it is helpful to have visual aid to help clarify the discussion. However I find that many of the discussions contain only bare text with hardly a visual in sight. So ...
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Any way to download bmml source when asking a question?

When asking or editing a question, I find that sometimes I will create a mockup using the Balsamiq UI creator. The problem is that sometimes I would like to create a slightly different version of the ...
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1 answer

Escape 'Balsamiq text' from question teaser?

Questions on sometimes contain Balsamiq wireframes (often very helpful). Some of them are included at the beginning of the posting. Looking at these postings in the questions view ...
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Allow new users to post Mockups

Earlier today a new user wasn't able to share a mockup to improve their question. Since Mockups share the image restriction (requiring 10 rep) brand new users can't use the Mockup feature. I think ...
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Not seeing the basalmiq tool icon in the question editor

When I create a new question, I do not see the icon that is supposed to open the Basalmiq editor, as shown in this screenshot: Is this working as designed, or is this a bug? I believe I have ...
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13 votes
7 answers

Changing the icon for Balsamiq on the toolbar?

I was just wondering if it would be possible to have a more descriptive icon for the Balsamiq feature offered by UX stackexchange. I have been on this site for a while and only today I found out about ...
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Balsamiq Mockups isn't working

Today other users and I have been unable to use Balsamiq Mockups in posts. When clicking the Balsamiq icon the modal window opens up but Balsamiq never loads. I tested in the latest release versions ...
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Can StackExchange license Balsamiq for mockups on UX.Stackexchange?

Who thinks it's a good idea for StackExchange to integrate with Balsamiq for UX.StackExchange? I do, and I'd be really happy if we had the ability to make mockups on UX for UX. This is something for ...
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