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Improve help pages to more clearly list the specific reasons a question could be marked as off-topic

The on-topic help page and corresponding off-topic help page are pretty vague, lacking a lot of specific things that would cause their question to be closed as off-topic. That's in direct contrast to ...
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Why is this recent highly upvoted icon suggestion question not closed?

I was flabbergasted to see this question: I'm designing a no-data USB cable : How should the end be marked? not only in the "Hot Network Questions" sidebar, but receiving many upvotes, and not ...
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Questions on trading card layouts

I'm in the process of designing the cards for a card game I've made. Are questions related to this on topic Here?
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Are Font Identification questions on-topic?

A client uses a certain font in their logo, and I need to be able to use this font in other places. Unfortunately, no one I can speak with knows what the font is. Are "font identification" questions ...
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Off-topic questions (for altruists)

From time to time there are these questions that don't follow the rules layed out in the help section, I'm talking of course about 'off-topic questions'. Depending on the situation I request to make ...
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Since we can't migrate off-topic questions older than 60 days, what should we do with them?

The reason I have come to asking this question is due to the plethora of questions that are of the effect of "this word" vs "that word". Are these types of questions always on-topic for UX.SE ? Are ...
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Are questions about UI friendliness on topic

I currently am making a UI menu for people, but am a total leek in user friendliness. Would a question about increasing the user friendliness of a UI be on topic ? I already found Is question about ...
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Is question about user interface optimization on topic?

I have made dialog box that hosts a lot of various controls ( around 50 ) using C++ and raw WinAPI. Although my application works, I still wish to somehow reduce the number of controls I use in a ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Are questions about origins on or off topic?

I noticed a question about the origin of the "loading circle" was closed earlier today because it was "not a practical problem." Further justification of the closing was that Knowing the origin ...
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Not enough options for off topic vote

I wanted to flag a question that was off topic because it was asking legal questions however there is no option for this. The closest, 'belongs on a stack exchange site' doesn't apply because as far ...
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So, what exactly is off-topic for UX.StackExchange?

So, for those of you who don't frequent the main Meta.StackOverflow site you might not know that change is afoot. NO MORE CLOSED QUESTIONS OK, that's not strictly true. Questions will be closed off, ...
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