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Is asking about "the best and most beautiful design for dashboard large buttons" on topic?

Is asking about "the best and most beautiful design for dashboard large buttons for android" on topic? Or asking about up to date and common design for dashboard UI for android?
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How to tell whether a (visual) design question is on-topic?

This question is related to question about what is UX but goes more into details. Comments on this question (Has this design got a name? (Overflow illustration out of web card)) got me thinking ...
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2 answers

Improve help pages to more clearly list the specific reasons a question could be marked as off-topic

The on-topic help page and corresponding off-topic help page are pretty vague, lacking a lot of specific things that would cause their question to be closed as off-topic. That's in direct contrast to ...
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Questions on trading card layouts

I'm in the process of designing the cards for a card game I've made. Are questions related to this on topic Here?
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Are Font Identification questions on-topic?

A client uses a certain font in their logo, and I need to be able to use this font in other places. Unfortunately, no one I can speak with knows what the font is. Are "font identification" questions ...
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Usability 101 Type Questions

Many questions boil down to some fundamental usability concepts which are commonly defined around the web, but not necessarily here. For example, "What is affordance?" Simple enough, but Google isn't ...
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Can the 'standard' set of bullets for SE sites be added to the help/on-topic page of this site?

I recently asked a question, and wasn't completely sure whether it was on-topic. The reason for this is because the on-topic page for this site doesn't have those bullet points at the top saying what ...
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Are questions about UI friendliness on topic

I currently am making a UI menu for people, but am a total leek in user friendliness. Would a question about increasing the user friendliness of a UI be on topic ? I already found Is question about ...
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Is question about user interface optimization on topic?

I have made dialog box that hosts a lot of various controls ( around 50 ) using C++ and raw WinAPI. Although my application works, I still wish to somehow reduce the number of controls I use in a ...
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Are usability study resource requests on topic?

Are requests for credible usability studies / results on topic here?
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So, what exactly is a hypothetical question?

I'm trying to figure out what's on-topic with regard to hypothetical questions. I know the global StackExchange FAQ discourages these (in so many words): To prevent your question from being flagged ...
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Are questions about UI in languages other than English on-topic?

Are questions about User Interface messages or menu items involving languages other than English on-topic ? Also, are questions about problems with translating/converting a UI from English to other ...
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Edit "Icon for X" questions not too localized to visual metaphor requests and reopen?

13 months ago the community decided to put an end to “Icon for X” questions. This was a good call then, but I feel the need to bring the subject up for revision again, it's been 13 months and all. I ...
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