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Share link URLs are not linking directly to answers

Each answer has a "share" link under it, so that a user might give a URL to someone as a means of directing them directly to that answer within the page. URL Example: https://ux....
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UserScript to reduce clutter on UX.SE

Wasn't sure where (or if?) to post this. I enjoy scanning UX.SE most days to see what others are up to and occasionally offer some ideas. But I feel the site is cluttered and awkward to quickly ...
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Social sharing buttons missing?

Am I missing something, or have the social buttons under the vote counter disappeared (network-wide)? I must say, I know that a lot of folks (especially on SO) found the visual noise obnoxious, but I ...
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Sharing options below question wrap to a new line since the addition of Google+

"Facebook" appears on a new line, which is a bit unattractive and takes up more space than it needs to. This could be fixed by rewriting the sentence: Know someone who can answer? Share this ...
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Affordance of sharing: add twitter, facebook icons below questions

Every time I go to share a question I forget there are twitter and facebook links and do it manually. This is because the links are written in plain text beneath the entire thread rather than using ...
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