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You need help with the use of one or more of the site's features.

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Should the on-topic page be updated to reflect current policy?

After reading the on-topic page I posted this question, and was surprised to find that it was closed, on the grounds that this site is not about implementation techniques. After further digging and ...
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Talkative and Outspoken Badges

On our main site, UX.SE, to get the Talkative and Outspoken badges, Badges just points to Does that mean you can earn the badges by posting to any chat room on the ...
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May I please have a mod remove the Community Wiki status from my post?

I asked this in chat: As of right now, I've gotten 9 upvotes today for the following: Why do credit card forms ask for Visa, MasterCard, etc.? Why am I not getting credit? I have 0 ...
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How to encourage developers to ask more suitable questions on UXSE

It might just be something I have picked up on a little bit more since I am looking at a lot of questions recently, but I seem to notice many people who are not new to the community but new to UXSE (...
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For security reasons framing is not allowed

Whenever I follow an outside link on ux.stackchange and then use the back button to return, I get a alert about iframes. I looked at
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I can no longer see the format menu on this site and clicking "Discard" seems broken as well

I click on "Ask Question" on this site and now all of the "inputs" are gone(text formatting, add link, add image, etc . .) This site seems broken (see screenshot below). I am using Firefox v32 on a ...
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Not satisfied with original formulation of my question and the answers I received — what steps can I take?

I have a question about my UX Stack Exchange post: Why do the Western European countries use the AZERTY keyboard? What is the historical origin of this layout? I am not happy with the current ...
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Cannot delete my own comment to a locked post

Let me start by stating that I participate a little bit in this site, in the form of upvoting questions and answers and, as of today, flagging comments. Earlier today I came across 3 comments from ...
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How do users login if they can't recall the email address they used when signing up?

At work today a colleague saw me on ux.stackexchange and we got talking about it. Turns out they used to be a semi-regular user a while back, but can't remember their login details. They do remember ...
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Can't upload image

Everytime I try to upload an image within a post on UX StackExchange and on this site (UX Meta) as well, I get an error message «Failed to upload image; couldn't reach imgur» Any ideas why? Thanks ...
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One less reputation after deleting my comment/answer

I have answered a question when my reputation was 339. The answer got 3 downvotes. That makes my reputation 332 which should have been 333. Then I have deleted my post. After that the reputation again ...
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Not seeing the basalmiq tool icon in the question editor

When I create a new question, I do not see the icon that is supposed to open the Basalmiq editor, as shown in this screenshot: Is this working as designed, or is this a bug? I believe I have ...
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