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Is there a difference between [user] and [users]?

The user and users are seems to be the same thing. Even their tag info is kinda identical. Shouldn't they merged and one be a synonym for the other?
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Color tag vs Color-scheme tag

In UX.SE, should these tags be the same (synonym) and if not, when would you use one and not the other?
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Should retagging not move questions to the top of the active list?

Retagging questions currently moves them to the top of the active questions list. (I'm not sure, but I think this move may be a result of the retag function having been merged with the edit function.)...
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Is it appropriate to blockquote Wikipedia to improve our tag wiki?

I'm trying to edit a few of the tags, but since I'm new here I wonder if it is appropriate to blockquote Wikipedia on our tags as long as they are referenced correctly? An example is shown on the ...
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11 votes
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Should we allow [ui] tags?

Does it make sense to tag [ui] on a site such as User Interface Stack Exchange? I'm starting to see more and more of those and was wondering if I was doing right in retagging. My vote would be to ...
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