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Bad or no Reputation!

I'm sure again I won't get too many, if any, points at all for this post. I can't help to think about one of my late favorite French singers with his famous line "In the prétention free village I ...
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1 answer

How do I perform a first edit?

I am trying to earn badges to increase my use of UXSE. To earn the editor badge I need to perform a 'first edit. How do I do this on UXSE?
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UX failures on UX

I just consider that the UX site has UX failures: The UI wireframe icon is similar to the image icon. Sometimes I want to post an image and I click the wireframe icon The wireframe dialog has an icon ...
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Stack Exchange Comments vs. Answer Question

Many answers on Stack Exchange are done through the use of comments attached to the question, rather than using the answer input below. Being new to Stack Exchange, I am wondering what benefit ...
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Why is the UX User Experience web site design so flat compared to other StackExchange web sites

Compared to other web sites in StackExchange it looks quite flat: blue monocolor top bar white flat monocolor logo (the words User Experience are part of the logo instead of being text so they won't ...
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Where did the "Retag" button go?

Is it me, or did this site used to have a "Re-Tag" button under every question? If it did, I personally found it useful. Why has it disappeared?
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Why can't I just upload a profile picture?

Profile Picture update experience I wanted to change my avatar on this site. I found my user profile section by clicking my name. I wasn't successful in changing my picture right away. First I ...
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0 answers

UX.SE logo is almost impossible to see in SE Data Explorer

This seems to have been addressed in different questions about the mobile version, profile pages, and chat, but the logo is white on white in the SE Data Explorer.
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1 answer

The font color of hyperlinks on ux meta is hard to read

The font color of hyperlinks, especially unvisited hyperlinks, on UX meta (yellow on a white background) is very hard to read. Maybe we could add more contrast?
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3 answers

Editing Protocols: How to encourage new user learning?

Context I wrote a question Received a downvote and user #1 told to read the faqs for better questions I asked for more specific feedback on the question, so I could learn how to improve it At the ...
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1 answer

Number of badges should be a link

I think that the number of badges in the top-most menu bar should link to I'm sure I'm not the only one who at least once clicked them to get to the aforementioned ...
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2 answers

consistency on arrow icon to display more information

This site (and others) some time has a little bit of inconsistency on how they display the same funcionality. Take a look at this. The down-arrow on the left opens a box with information, and it is ...
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1 answer

Sort "All Sites" by user's use.

Hello; In the StackExchange button on the top bar one of the options says "all sites" in which all of stackexchange's sites are listed. I think they should also be sorted by user preference. Such ...