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How do users login if they can't recall the email address they used when signing up?

At work today a colleague saw me on ux.stackexchange and we got talking about it. Turns out they used to be a semi-regular user a while back, but can't remember their login details. They do remember ...
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Are most UX.SE users originally StackOverflow users?

I found my way here after using StackOverflow for a couple of years. There is now a wide range of StackExchange sites, from UX to Cooking. It seems like most users around the network has a love for ...
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How can we change our authentication for SE?

I originally signed into SE using a facebook account, and I would like to change that to a SE account. I've looked but I can't seem to find a way. Does anyone know of one?
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Account is showing up twice in Network Profile

For some reason User Experience is showing up twice on my Network Profile, as if I had two accounts. This is significantly & detrimentally impacting my user experience. ;) I only signed up a ...
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