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What is the impact or change in user experience from the New Contributor label?

I have always tried to take into consideration of the user's reputation score when providing comments or feedback to their questions or answers. The introduction of the "New Contributor" tag ...
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Blue top bar hidden underneth message banner (UI Bug)

Just saw this, and have not been able to find it already reported anywhere, so here goes (turn off adblocker, and open an incognito tab, to reproduce): The message banner ("Join us in building...") ...
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1 answer

Why isn't there a User Interface Stack Exchange?

Back Story: I've constantly seen UI questions rejected on the User Experience Stack Exchange and told to go to the Graphic Design Stack, which I'd be inclined to argue is different and you rarely see ...
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The accept answer & favourite button are bugging my user experience

Edit: Bump As you may be able to see in the above image the accept answer button is too far to the right, the active accept answer button (the green one) is perfectly fine. The reason for this is ...
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Validating the "upvoting decline" hypothesis

This is a two-part question. As an UX person and a data nerd I am missing an information regarding users performance in UXSE: a ratio between answers and upvotes the answers get. For the sake of ...
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UserScript to reduce clutter on UX.SE

Wasn't sure where (or if?) to post this. I enjoy scanning UX.SE most days to see what others are up to and occasionally offer some ideas. But I feel the site is cluttered and awkward to quickly ...
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Should tag/edit summary text boxes be immediately under body text box?

The text box for tags (when posting a question) and for the edit summary (when editing a post) seem like they should be immediately below the text box for the body of the post rather than after the ...
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0 answers

Flow between Chat and SE is confusing

Clicking on "chat" from the StackExchange dropdown menu (top left corner) loads the chat flow within the page. Clicking on "" in the chat room in the paragraph on the top right ...
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3 answers

The favourite question icon conveys a wrong message?

I saw this question favorited four times and my intuitive response was that four people marked it as something bad. It's because of the "danger like" color of the star. Here's my suggestion; make the ...
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Where did the "Retag" button go?

Is it me, or did this site used to have a "Re-Tag" button under every question? If it did, I personally found it useful. Why has it disappeared?
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