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Is having view all option in pagination good in terms of User experience?

I have a table which consists of huge data. Users can export these data's to excel. In order to export these data's a user must click on all options and export more than 10 times if currently showing ...
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3 answers

Validating the "upvoting decline" hypothesis

This is a two-part question. As an UX person and a data nerd I am missing an information regarding users performance in UXSE: a ratio between answers and upvotes the answers get. For the sake of ...
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Is the blue on blue menu bar for this page a deliberate slight or bad humour

I had to block select the top of the screen to read what the menu options were on this stackexchange. Is the choice of colour done by some committee that has perfect colour vision or is this ...
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Is it possible to change the Edit Counter of Users to show the accurate progress on editorial badges?

The Edit Counter of Users shows all edits, even the edits that doesn't count on the Strunk & White or Copy Editor badges. It's kind of confusing to see an edit count that doesn't match a goal to ...
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Are most UX.SE users originally StackOverflow users?

I found my way here after using StackOverflow for a couple of years. There is now a wide range of StackExchange sites, from UX to Cooking. It seems like most users around the network has a love for ...
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