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What's the story behind the star theme?

Well you're in luck. A blog post about the design of UX Stack Exchange was published by the designer Dmitry Fadeyev when it went live. Here's what he had to say about the star: One of the more ...
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Should badge classes be described by shape as well as colour?

Yes, although a minor point I would probably agree. It's less of an issue for people with all three classes of badge because the order of the badges is always consistent (the same way that traffic ...
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Enable Stack Snippets on UX

I think this would encourage too many off-topic questions, or encourage users to answer in a more implementation-driven way. For example: Q: When should I tell the user their password is about to ...
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How is the user experience of the new profile page being measured?

I don't know if there will be any formal measurement to collect data on the new design, but the crew are currently collecting feedback from users at meta. See New profile pages are out - bugs and ...
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User Experience updated site theme is ready for testing!

Is it expected that the meta logo is considerably smaller than the main site logo?
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Confusing position for the buttons

Note: I am a Senior Product Designer at Stack Overflow You are not the first person to point this out. This is something we've wanted to address for a while, unfortunately this particular project has ...
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The accept answer & favourite button are bugging my user experience

That's a strangely good catch. But I'd have to disagree with the too far to the right part :P Like you mentioned correctly, the problem is in the sprite. Hope the designers will update it.
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