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The tour page currently states: UX Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for User Experience Designers, Information Architects, and Human Computer Interaction researchers. It's built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we're working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question ...


I would support such a feature/content for two reasons: Firstly, I think there are lots of new users coming to the site constantly, and I think being able to provide a clear focus and vision for not just the purpose of the site but the subject matter is good user experience. I have tried to introduce UXSE to students either teaching themselves about UX or ...


We're a bit deliberately vague about that, really it's easier to say what's off topic (graphic design, code implementation) than on topic. The blurb deliberately focuses on who's asking the question rather than what specifically it's about. I'm not personally sure that section can really be expanded without presenting an overly narrow view of what UX ...


There is nothing incorrect about <hr> in HTML. It would, indeed, be invalid XHTML, but this site does not output XHTML; nor does it claim to.


It would help to make this guidance available (or more discoverable) in the mobile app. All of my interaction is via the iPhone and iPad apps and I expect that is the case for many users.


To put it in more correct technical terms than TRiG: 6: Then, if the element is one of the void elements, or if the element is a foreign element, then there may be a single U+002F SOLIDUS character (/). This character has no effect on void elements, but on foreign elements it marks the start tag as self-closing. (Source:


Fixed, see this meta post for details.

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