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These are the primary ways of adding visuals on UX, with their pros & cons. Mockups Pros: create one right away online Pros: Best clarity and configuration for complex visuals Pros: Can be attractive Pros: users can copy & edit your mockup directly to make an answer Cons: There's a learning curve to use the tool. (one time cost) Cons: Can take ...


Seems that is 404. Friends at StackExchange, let us know if you need any assitance fixing this. Maybe it's time to update the integration? We've come a long way since the version you have today. Email me at if you'd like to chat!


See my edit (you may have to click "side-by-side markdown" in order to see the important change). The "section" that should be left alone is everything from "begin mockup" to "end mockup". However, you inserted text before then "end mockup" part, and thus this section no longer had the expected format. I've moved the <!-- End mockup --> part up to ...


This should now be resolved and the fix is live across all sites. Sorry for the inconvenience; I broke it when modifying how the Markdown editor worked for Stack Snippets.


Yes. Perhaps when you click the Balsamiq icon when answering a question, the site could give you options to select (one of) the OPs mockup(s) or create one of your own. As a temporary workaround, you can always just click "edit" on the question, copy and paste the text pointing to the mockup into your post, and click the link to edit the mockup. (When you ...


Whoops! We moved our content directories around, but looks like we forgot to reference the button image (and the balsamic swf reference) to use the new location! Fixed and will be with you in the next build. Sorry about that.


As a feature this appears to be planned but low-priority for Balsamiq (Balsamiq makes the software, we just have a plugin to let us use it). You can click the +1 to like the suggestion to show support for the feature. As a quick and dirty solution, you can just layer comboboxes on top of a datagrid: Use the "bring to top" layering item to make sure the ...

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