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We've not had one since 2012, you're correct. That was pretty soon after we came out of beta status. However, elections on sites don't have set dates / times as to when they happen, they are brought about by site demand and / or by moderators requesting additional help with moderating. At the moment there isn't really a need for extra moderators, although I'...


Well its a typical UX answer really. It Depends. Now we're not exactly Stack Overflow, so moderating this site is not going to take your life away from you. But equally we need to be sure that if something major happens (and it does, on occasion) that the site isn't going to sit there not having anything done about it for hours on end. So in reality, if ...


Well, we do really. Community members get more privileges the more reputation they earn, and at 10,000 reputation it opens up access to the Moderator Tools. this gives you access to viewing deleted posts and vote for deletion, among other privileges. It also grants access to the moderator tools themselves, so you can view lots of different reports about what ...


It really depends, and if you're already pretty active on the site daily, which would be ideal in a candidate, it can be more of a change of how your time is spent than how much you spend. Here's an average session for a mod, more or less: Check notifications ("inbox", mod notifications, flags, review queue) Check the front page & recent questions (and ...


I feel you Benny, that's also what's preventing me from participating in the elections for the past few years, although a large part of me wants to :). Good luck!


The current moderators for UXSE (apart from myself) have been around ever since I posted my first Question/Answer, so it is sad to see one of the moderators depart. However, I hope that others will also step in to fill in the void, and that as one chapter closes another one will unfold :)


Sorry to see you step down. Hope you stick around, you've got a wealth of great knowledge and experience to share. All the best.


No, the primary votes are only used to whittle down the (potentially huge) list of candidates down to a more manageable level. Once the top 10 go through the voting starts again (but picking the 3 preferred candidates in order of preference). That final stage is all anonymous so you won't see who has what vote count until the successful candidates are ...


This is an excellent question and you may have noticed that I have not been around much lately. The time commitment was greater than the time I had available (while moving between continents). However, I did make a commitment as a moderator to be a part of shaping the site, and I hold myself to that, so I've been trying to get back into things now that I've ...


You're one of the people that helped make ux.se work through its growing pains :) Thanks for all your effort. I'm sorry you're stepping down, but also glad that you have other great things to do with your time! Rog.


Thanks for your service to the community!


Moderator elections happen after graduation and even though we got a "proper" theme early I can't see that changing. We need to get that sorted first. Now that we've graduated moderator elections should be on the agenda sometime soon. Also once elected, the job's yours for as long as you want it. (And don't worry I won't stand :).)

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