Yes, it should be removed because it doesn't add anything. On-topic questions here are about UX anyway, so ux-design is unneeded.


"User interface" is too vague to be of use. Tags exist to categorize content so that it's easier to find answers to questions you need help with or so you can subscribe to them if you're an expert. No one is an expert at "user interfaces". No one is going to look at answers to questions about "user interfaces" and find a common thread that will help them. ...


This tag has been removed and made intrinsic (same as a blacklist, but won't block inbound migrations) - it's now in the same class as user-interface, which should give you a clue as to why it wasn't already blacklisted. 10 questions had no other tags - please retag them appropriately.


Given that this whole site is about user experience, the user-experience tag is redundant. It's a needless wart. Let's prevent its use.


It's gone now, but it'll take some time to disappear. Like a windows timer job... Edited 19 hours later Now it's permanently deleted :-)


The only reason to keep it that I can see is to differentiate these questions from ones dealing with ux research... But we don't really get a whole lot of those. I say nuke it.


The term 'design' is simply too broad of a term for it to be a tag. Specific tags may make sense such as: graphic-design design-thinking ui-design But 'design' by itself just has no context so could really apply to most anything on this site.


i agree with you. in fact, it's worse that being merely redundant on the site...it provides a seemingly-sanctioned way for users to be sloppy with tagging ("oh, i can just use experience"). if there's resolution here i'm happy to retag the questions...there aren't too many of them.


The tag should apply to all questions posted on UX.SE. So yes I would agree on blacklisting it.


Kill. The "design" tag seems to be more noise than signal. It doesn't get used very often (299 tags ever). And when it does get used, there's often a "[specifier]-design" tag used, too. After reviewing the list questions tagged "design", I can't see a meaningful pattern emerging. Contrast that with the questions tagged "user research", which is clearly a ...


ux-design has been burned and blacklisted. There's some cleanup work to do: untagged.


While I agree that "experience" as a tag is problematic, I'd argue that there are occasions when we want to discuss the emotional aspects of a user interface. For example, we prototyped a design and then user tested it .. although we had a usability 100% success rate, it was apparent from comments that users were left anxious at the end. So, since "...


No reason at all. Blacklist it and we'll have alot to do until Xmas


Burninated, blacklisted as an intrinsic tag.

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