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It's not red until you have favourited yourself too. It only turns that colour after you favourite the question. It's very discoverable what the colour means in the context of the action you have just taken. I don't see any real justification for anyone being confused.


Before reading my rather negative reaction to this suggestion, please bear in mind: So, in short, I suggest to conduct an UXSE user research But I think that your concrete suggestion of a user tooltip is not constructive, and overlooks some serious negative side effects of such a feature. I would not like to see this data in the little tooltip. Data ...


Here you go, here's a list of all the top UX.SE users by average answer score (it's a rough and very slow query cobbled together from others already in the data explorer, but hopefully it serves its purpose). As you can see the data is very skewed by single answers with very high point totals (the median score which I've also listed in the query seems to be ...


I'd wager it would look too much like the golden badge icons. Regardless of what you connect the color red to (which is personal, or at the most a cultural thing) it's a color that stands out from the rest of the color scheme. Marking something as your "favorite" stresses its importance. Thus, standing out from the rest of the color-scheme is a good thing. ...


An interesting idea, but I believe it would not be as accurate as we want to. At first, this community is constantly growing which makes the number of users increase at a steady pace. The effect is that great answers four years ago have less up-votes than great questions posted today. If you take a look in the archives, you'll see what I mean. Second the ...


In this era of unfettered cyber bullying and non-provoked verbal and textual violence, small checks n' measures and notifiers like the New Contributor label is a welcome addition to the community. I don't have any stats as such, but personally, I feel like the comments on new posts have become a lot more calm. It helps understand the intention and the ...


That's a strangely good catch. But I'd have to disagree with the too far to the right part :P Like you mentioned correctly, the problem is in the sprite. Hope the designers will update it.


I think the Tags makes it hard for me to read. While it's important for meta data and should remain on the post detail page, I personally never look at them on the home page. And option to hide them would be great. Like this.


It's not you, it used to be there but it's been killed off. From the Meta Stackoverflow post: Kill the Retag option, use just Edit Retag is gone. It has ceased to be. The "please go back and click the retag link instead of edit" message is gone. We will (not) miss it. Editing tags only will result in the same behavior as retag, except for the ...

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