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Validating the "upvoting decline" hypothesis

Before reading my rather negative reaction to this suggestion, please bear in mind: So, in short, I suggest to conduct an UXSE user research But I think that your concrete suggestion of a user ...
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Validating the "upvoting decline" hypothesis

Here you go, here's a list of all the top UX.SE users by average answer score (it's a rough and very slow query cobbled together from others already in the data explorer, but hopefully it serves its ...
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Validating the "upvoting decline" hypothesis

An interesting idea, but I believe it would not be as accurate as we want to. At first, this community is constantly growing which makes the number of users increase at a steady pace. The effect is ...
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Is having view all option in pagination good in terms of User experience?

Firstly, I'm not sure why you're asking this in Meta, as this seems like a UX question, not a meta question. Secondly, as you have stated it, your question would be asking for a site review on the UX ...
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