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What will our Blog be about?
6 votes

Commentary Thoughts, opinions, and ramblings on recent UX literature/media (ideally both constructive and critical).

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Does it make sense to keep the tag 'jobs'?
Accepted answer
5 votes

I vote to remove it along with the employment. I think any legitimate jobs questions would also have the career-development tag which will encourage questions more in line with the values of the site.

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Do YOU want to be part of our community blog?
2 votes

Schedule I could write one post a month Content I'd be interested in doing a case study, question of the week, or commentary on articles I bump into. Also willing to help out editing.

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Join us for a ChiliProject UX Hackathon – June 9th, 2012
1 votes

Sounds awesome. I'd love to help out.

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