Guillermo Gutiérrez

Currently Javascript Senior Developer. I have experience primarily with C# and SQL Server, which I used the most in last 2 jobs. Also I have been using Developer Express components for Windows Forms and ASP.NET MVC Framework. Aditionally I have knowledges in relational database design. Currently I am also learning Elixir, Erlang and Clojure (I love FP!)

In web development (which I like the most and is what influenced me to choose this career :), I have experience with:

  • HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • JQuery and some AngularJS.
  • Bootstrap framework.
  • Symfony PHP Framework 1.4 and 2, combined with Doctrine 1 and 2 ORM.
  • Experience on ASP.NET MVC Framework, Web API, NHibernate, FluentNHibernate, FluentValidation and StructureMap.
  • Basic knowledges of ServiceStack.
  • Mobile applications with Phonegap/Cordova, using Intel's AppFramework, and now starting with Onsen UI.
  • Scala, with Play Framework, Akka and Slick (still learning).

Other programming languages I have used: C, Visual Basic 6 and .NET, DrScheme, Prolog.