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I’m leaving the SO/SE network. It is ridiculous what farce the presence of a CoC (code of conduct) nowadays makes, especially if English isn’t one’s first or even second language, admittedly primitive as it is. It’s worse what the new rules make of the language.

“Is it a CoC violation if I use they/them?” ⇒ ◆mod “You can use an ambiguous they if […] correct pronouns [are] unknown [to you]. Once someone tells you that they go by something else, switch to that something else.”

CoC: “Grammar concerns do not override a person’s right to self identify.”

The FAQ entry to that: “Do I have to use pronouns I’m unfamiliar or uncomfortable with (e.g., neopronouns like xe, zir, ne... )?” ⇒ “Yes, if those are stated by the individual.”

⇒ Not using unfamiliar is now grounds for being banned.

Well, let me preempt that. I don’t need you as much as you need me.

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