I have a number of questions about ergonomics related to computer/laptop use, including what title an ergonomics expert has, because maybe what I actually want is a consultant - my interest is strongly health-related though, so is this the appropriate Stack?

(My other thought was to do some retail research and post lots of product claims to Skeptics :D)

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There are some links between ergonomics and UX design, especially if it is related to hardware devices and user interface design that relate to movement (repetitive) and ease of use. If you can frame the question so that it addresses specific issues about how the usage might lead to a better user experience then it may be appropriate.


My position is that ergonomic questions are relevant for UX.se, but as with all questions the topic alone doesn't determine their suitability.

If you were to post product claims to skeptics (as I understand the point), it would amount to a 'lets review this' question. And since reviews aren't allowed, it would outside the bounds of UX.se.

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