On inspection it turned out that only one question had that misspelled tag. I therefor submitted an edit so the tag was no longer used on any question. Once the edit was reviewed and approved there were zero questions with the misspelled tag. After 03:00 UTC the system runs a cleanup batch to remove so called "zombie" tags. The timing of all actions was ...


One possible change could be to change focus to input-focus. This seems to make some sense, since it had originally been keyboard-focus in the first place. Input-focus provides greater scope than keyboard-focus, but limits the application of the tag closer to what it was intended.


I see no reason to keep them separate. I went and made them synonyms with users as the master tag (noun tags are generally made plural).


I've applied the tag wiki to the correct style-guide and have re-tagged the relevant questions. The style-gude tag will expire naturally overnight I believe, provided nobody re-uses it for other questions.


Retagging posts has always bumped them up the active questions list, it's not a new feature. To be honest I think I disagree with you that it's undesirable. Retagging questions should bump them up to the top of the page. The reason for retagging questions is because they have the wrong tags in the first place. If a question has been tagged incorrectly ...


It's not you, it used to be there but it's been killed off. From the Meta Stackoverflow post: Kill the Retag option, use just Edit Retag is gone. It has ceased to be. The "please go back and click the retag link instead of edit" message is gone. We will (not) miss it. Editing tags only will result in the same behavior as retag, except for the ...

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