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Delete [accesibility] tag

On inspection it turned out that only one question had that misspelled tag. I therefor submitted an edit so the tag was no longer used on any question. Once the edit was reviewed and approved there ...
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Should the "focus" tag be disambiguated?

One possible change could be to change focus to input-focus. This seems to make some sense, since it had originally been keyboard-focus in the first place. Input-focus provides greater scope than ...
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Is there a difference between [user] and [users]?

I see no reason to keep them separate. I went and made them synonyms with users as the master tag (noun tags are generally made plural).
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Tag Typo? [style-gude]

I've applied the tag wiki to the correct style-guide and have re-tagged the relevant questions. The style-gude tag will expire naturally overnight I believe, provided nobody re-uses it for other ...
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