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New chat rooms are open - how to encourage more people to participate in conversations?

It took a little bit of time but I finally managed to make my way to the new chatrooms that have been made available to the StackExchange community. Unfortunately there were not many chatrooms open, ...
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Speaking of UserExperience

I occasionally browse this site, but it wasn't until today that I was encouraged to create an account--and only to post on the meta. As many of you know, when certain links are pasted into ...
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Flow between Chat and SE is confusing

Clicking on "chat" from the StackExchange dropdown menu (top left corner) loads the chat flow within the page. Clicking on "" in the chat room in the paragraph on the top right ...
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Editing Room chatroom for Blog users

I've created a chatroom for editors/contributors to the UX blog: The Editing Room Hop in and say hello if you plan to be part of the blog or just start brainstorming ideas.
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Put "Chat" at the front of the <title> on chat

Instead of User Experience | can you change it to Chat - User Experience | Stack Exchange or something like that? I often keep the home page and chat open in tabs. ...
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UX StackExchange logo is invisible in chat

The UX StackExchange logo is white-on-white in the chat room: /cc @Jin
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Moderator access to Twitter account

Over on chat, we're talking about picking a day and topic, and scheduling "grand opening" event to get a bunch of people in the room at one time. In order to get the word out to as many as many ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Waking up chat with weekly chat sessions

So I was thinking about ways to get chat to become more active and I remembered how @GlenLipka has been looking for a place to discuss UX issues. The site isn't the right place, but chat is perfect. ...
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